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Would it be possible to make the pico-8 cart available for download?


You should be able to download this PNG and open it in Pico-8. Thank you for considering paying for the itch download! But this was already available on Lexaloffle, so there's no reason for me to charge you for it haha.

Let me know if you have any trouble opening it.

Excellent, many thanks.

10/10, rage inducing, absolute nightmare, will be recommending cause it was also too fun to stop. Imagine not knowing who ALF is.

Great game, I loved :
- The visuals, cohesive color palette and HUD
- The starfield changing colors, nice touch
- The bomb being an actual missile that accelerates and collides with enemies.
- The power system

I thought the base enemy were too spongy and some waves a bit too big, slowing the game down.

But overall a great game !

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I designed the enemies to be easy to kill if you had the skill to line up both shots to hit simultaneously, but I can see how that would feel spongy to a first time player.


This is a classic arcade game basically! It's fun!